DD 7 Pathfinding and Trailer

Stardate 15.01.2022, DD 7. 

Captains log, supplemental.

I Krzysztof Zatora -  finally found some time to sit down and write what I was up to for the past few months.


At the beginning of this journey I was contacted by Pixel Command, admiral Dariusz the Dog entrusted me with a mission to find a better way our droids to move across the pixeldeck. It turned out to be a quite a challenge!

I gathered all senior staff on the bridge and checked our options. After short debate, we knew we have nothing in our pixeldeck Pixinity engine that will allow us to move our droids in the way admiral Dariusz, the Dog requested.

Droids were expected to: move in 2D space, jump on and off platforms, traverse offdeck links, use bridges and elevators, fly and swim. The vanilla Pixinity engine system didn’t cover it.

We had to go and look for answers. 

First, me and my crew visited Udemizoid Cluster in the search of answers. We did land on several planets and talked to the scientist there, but the knowledge we found there was not enough. We also had to go to Yubo System, watched and learned  from scientists there. After few weeks we knew that the task that looked simple at first, turned out to be very difficult. We had the knowledge necessary to implement modifications, but the time needed for it to be done in a good and optimal way was far beyond  requirements of the Pixel Command

After brainstorming we decided to check Deep Pixinity Ten, the space store, a well-known place to obtain the tech from. There were several proposals to solve our problem, but after testing, it turned out, all of them were missing something.

We had another brainstorm, our last hope was Git Nebula. There were old rumors of MIT libraries with information crystals that might cover our subject. And bingo! We found most of what we needed there, we just had to engineer few modifications on our side to make it fully operational 🙂

Was the time spent on visiting other system wasted? Definitely not, without it, we wouldn't know what we were looking for exactly and how to overcome missing elements.

Our droids can now move, the way Admiral wanted 🙂

Captain Krzysztof SM Zatora out.

And now regular update from our 2 weeks of work:

  • Dariusz prepared new graphics for doors, mines, switches. He also prepared animation to one scene for our new trailer

That's right, new trailer is coming !

  • Special effect are coming to shape thanks to Hubert, we have new sense mode, glyphs rewind effect and more.
  • Filip is working on scenes for our new trailer (!!!!!), also he invested time in base for controlling possessed enemies.
  • Kubs is working on audio for our short movie, we have nice new music.
  • Krzysztof is working on 2 scenes that will be included in teaser. As for writing, he only likes to write code, so please don’t be to harsh to him for the dev diary / captains log, he created. He really did try his best  🙂

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