Build Ver 0.1.14 + DD14

Hey, sorry for the long silence.

Vacations, changes, team talks, meetings, games.... you know how it is. Be ready for lots of pictures and information. :)

Prototype 14:

Here is the build of the prototype created for a couple of fairs in Poland we participated in. So far the Web and Windows version.  

There are a few additions, changes, fixes and also secrets. I hope you will like them. If you find some horrible bugs... report! :)

What's up:

There is something to tell. As before at Digital Dragons we participated in MeetUp and Pixel Heaven.

In addition to small project presentations and booths, I had the honor of meeting personally Éric Chahi (he even played our game!!!!!), the famous creator of Another World and Heart of Darkness and getting the autograph of Jordan Mechner - the creator of Prince of Persia

I don't have to say much that these are very important people both for me personally and for Black Resin!

This time, in addition to business cards, we had stickers with characters, a special controller styled on Sega Megadrive and two places to play. 

Once again, our booth was very popular. The video mashup (excerpts from the Trailer) was eye-catching and as someone sat down to play, they often finished the entire prototype. It was a pleasant experience.


Besides, the Trailer has a chance to be finished this month. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I'm sharing animations and graphics from the production. 



As you can see, I don't try too hard at storyboards, I mainly outline the event and describe it well in words, we have a whole table like this on Confluence.

Final polished art.

These will be snapshots of a particular longer scene. I may have overdone the detail, but I am very proud of these images. :D

kind regards 


Feel free to contact us in any form or write comments.

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