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THINK, POSSESS, SURVIVE! Story-driven platformer with FLUID mechanics.

An old-school platformer with modern mechanics in which you sneak through vast, beautiful levels and take control of your foes. Become the avatar of nature and prevent a war-torn, exploited world from collapsing. Uncover the mystery behind a dark substance which the two warring factions crave so much.

A true cinematic platformer...

  • unobvious puzzles based on possessing other lifeforms
  • engaging story told through gameplay and visuals
  • spectacular pixel-art featuring stop-motion animation

...with a modern approach!

  • Intuitive controls that pair with the hero's flexibility
  • Story focused on environmental issues
  • smart checkpoint system and full gamepad support

This is a prototype!

Currently the game has three demo stages and some core mechanics implemented. We are an independent team of 5 people committed to bringing Black Resin to its full potential.

We're looking for a publisher to help us achieve that.



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Download 41 MB

Development log


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Excellent work.


Loved it. Feels like a love letter to Delphine software games of the early 90s.


I hope you find a publisher :D


(I completed the game like 6 times now)

please add save save system the game and the app is not responding when switching to another app please fix it


Really enjoyed this game, love the art style and the varying mechanics animations that keep it interesting to play.


It has great art, a compelling story, and a great messages about the ecosystem.




The character animation is so fluid and nice. Although against the style choice, I think this game would benefit from lighting. Great job devs :D

1. Isn't Epic Games or steam a publisher?

2. I had a bug where I couldn't move, and another one where I couldn't jump until I died

1. Unfortunately no, they only publish games on their platform. A publisher is a company that sponsors the production of a game and promotes it. It helps you release the full game. ;) Theoretically we could try Kickstarter, but we're not sure we have that kind of reach yet (well, and it's a lot of work!).
2. We want release next hotfix soon. If you want to help us, please join our DISCORD. The rules for reporting bugs are already described there. :)

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ok, but I'm on a Chromebook so I cant :/

No problem! Then write here or E-MAIL us if you prefer. Please tell us exactly what you were doing and what happened, the location is also important - ideally you should record a video or a gif. Lastly a screenshot. Any bug report is welcome. :)

Hey! New update of prototype is here! We've fixed lot of common bugs and made character controller more responsive.

Don't forget to join us on:


Have fun and leave us some feedback!

Oh cool


Please tell me this isn't the final produc

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Tacorian, of course I tell You! This is just a prototype. :) Three demo stages and some core mechanics. The full game will be made from ground up.


Pls Keep working on this bcuz its VERY fun


and what I mean by that is MAKE MORE LVLS


also I completed the game 3 times

You are

the best!  :D

thx :D

This remind me of tar boy 


The short version: This game looks great, with emphasis on looks great.

I like the aesthetics a lot. The color scheme is good and I seldom had trouble identifying game-relevant information, such as what I can stand on, what's dangerous, and what I can interact with. Character design is on point as well, with the two aliens/robots that I've encountered showing a good sense of menacing bulk. Animations are great; I love the "thumper" effect of the hammerhead alien, and the motions and types of movement available to the main character are beautifully animated.


In actual play, the main character feels incredibly stiff. Having walking be the default movement makes her feel slow, and every time she jumps, climbs, pulls herself up, or drops down from a platform, it feels like I lose control of the game and just have to wait for a canned animation to finish. Also the jumping--an important part of a platformer game--is unsatisfying, offering no air control and poor control over jump height/distance.

Also, collision detection feels off in bad ways. I've repeatedly died to lasers and mines that it didn't look like I was touching, and in some cases with wall jumping, safely hit and stuck to a wall just below a mine and then hit it and died upon jumping away. In contrast, trying to grab a ledge to pull up seems too picky.

If you can tighten up the collision detection, and rework the movement so that the main character feels as fluid as she looks, this will be a great game!

Hey, thanks for the feedback!
We've just released version 0.1.8 where we've improved the controls and collision a bit. Don't expect too much, but we're working on it.  Even though it's a prototype, we want it to be as fun to play as possible. :)

I wish we could save it.


You can choose levels from menu. :) Hmm... Saving feature will be necessary in the full version of the game. If we find a publisher of course... ;> Maybe we add that in future even to prototype. :)

This is absolutely lovely. Enormous fan of the concept, visuals, story, etc. The visuals and nonverbal storytelling reminds me a lot of Hyperlight Drifter - one of my favorite games.

Only criticism is the movement. Like others here, I found the jumping in particular to be nonresponsive and frustrating, especially for the platforming sections where precision is important. Maybe you could allow for some aerial control of the character? Or make it such that jump height can be better controlled by how long you hold the space bar for? In general, as well, I think the controls could use a bit of help to feel "fluid" like you'd expect from a blob-creature.

It might be worth looking at Rain World (another sick pixel platformer), in which you control a cute, squishy slug-like creature. I think Rain World pulls off "fluid" controls extremely well, and a similar approach might work well in a game like this.

Regardless, what you already have is EXCELLENT, and I'm hyped to see where this project goes in the future :)


Hey. We will definitely play Rain World. :)
We've released version 0.1.8 where we've slightly improved the control hitboxes. :O
Thanks for the analysis of the controls. When working on the full version of the game we will do the controls from scratch - we will try different solutions. If we find a publisher of course... :P  

I've got a bug on stage 3 - i finished both puzzles and i possesed the guard, but the door doesn't open! Pls send help. Oh and great game overall, i just get some bugs.

We love bugs :)
If you want to help us and list the bugs then please visit our discord.


YOu're the best!





Great concept of strategies and possessing! One glitch made me have to restart a stage, when there was an enemy on the spawn point of a room in stage 3, so that I would spawn on the end of its gun even if I was holding down a key.

I liked creeping through bars and shafts. :)

Yes, we fixed many bugs in new version 0.1.8. :) we will check if this error occurs.


This is one of the coolest games I've played in a long time. Aesthetically, I got some real Hyperlight Drifter vibes! Totally dig it. I'd buy this game in a heartbeat!


The game is lit and very creative. Props


i really enjoyed this game ❤️


A arte do jogo é ótima, e os puzzles são bem inovadores

Gostei muito!


The game looks really good but find it kinda annoying to play sometimes. I think it has to do with the movement speed.


Awesome! Immediately got "ANOTHER WORLD" vibe! Great graphics, great mechanics and terrific music!!!!


this game is really good

is it required for playing this on firefox or can i play it on chrome

cuz i dont have firefox


I'm playing it on chrome ;)


yeah it worked alread

The game works on every browser. :)


Love the gameplay and mechanics i think its great for speedrunning so im defenitily playing it more


Incredible. Graphics are unique, story is engaging, sound design is great. I had some trouble at the beginning of the game (controls), but got the hang of it couple minutes later. Great prototype, would love to see the story further developed.


I absolutely love the gameplay, visuals, sound, and story, but the controls drag the experience down. I think that jumping is really unresponsive and unintuitive. Also getting off ledges is often annoying because I forget to press shift. Other than that this game is fantastic.

if only..

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Ohhh no! :( It is very rare that a web build does not work. In this case I suggest to try another browser (e.g. firefox) - it seems to me that it is only a matter of specific Mac models.


Fantastic game, wonderfully atmospheric, but I wish the controls were more responsive.


I love the story, the character design, the mechanics, the music, but holy shit sometimes this character is complete ass to control. The behaviors of the jump and run are incredibly unintuitive sometimes. They act more like jumping quicktime events if that makes any sense. The way you need to jump up the platforms in the second level with the large swath of bomb floor took me so long to figure out that I could just stand on the far end and press jump to get to the next one, I thought it'd actually have to platform it and every time I tried to kite up the ledge or something I did a huge arc jump into the bombs. Also, on the (presumably) final level of the demo the hitboxes on the motion sensors bombs are ass. Again, the jumping here feels more like a quicktime event or something than actual platforming, and the hitboxes on the bombs can hit you from several pixels below where you think they'd reach. Those definetly need to be made more forgiving, make the player hitbox more clear, or make the bomb sprite bigger because the way these function is what had me stop playing to write this out of frustration. I will also say the default walk speed is pretty abysmal, so it took me a few tries to realize the enemies are more likely to hear you while running, since I was just holding the button down until ran into a section where I needed to walk to actually capture one of the enemies. I'd much prefer the run to be the default movement speed since holding it also effects the jump, and instead have it be a sneak button, since I think that'd work much better. It'd also make the platform section make more sense cause you'd have to "crouch jump" to the next platform, which is a lot more intuitive since many games have a sort of higher jump if you crouch in place mechanic. Lastly, on the second stage I believe? If you go down, while trying to avoid the turret by ducking into the vent I pressed some combination of buttons that had my character go from the vent to clipped into the upper left corner of the screen. That entire wall behaves incredibly weirdly, especially if you try to hug it by holding left. My character seemed to think it was crawling on some out of bounds wall, then hanging, then in a vent, and finally I popped back out of the vent and was instantly killed by the turret. I also spawned directly infront of the turret once in the center of the screen? That was weird. Overall though, pretty good game, I hope the dev at least considers some of these criticisms though, and I'll probably go back and finish the final level soon, even if the hitboxes annoy me.

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cognitiveAfflatus I read every message here. ;) Thank You for taking the time to give us a big feedback! :) As you know for sure, we aim at old-school and controls in 'cinematic-platformers' is often ass. We are working on a patch so I hope that the prototype will be more playable. When we find a publisher we plan to make the controls from scratch.


I wish I wasn't broke so I could donate to this game. It's excellent. 10/10 (I couldn't do part 2 though.)


Hello devs.
I really liked your game and it also gave me some resemblances of Aragami and Carrion. Which are games I played on my channel. The gameplay is interesting and inventive. I give you guys that. But some of the control aspects would be nice if that would have been made a bit more clear. If you wanna know more then you can gladly chack out my video.


Well done, great demo.
It's remember me prince of persia, flashback and blackthrone.
I want to wish your team successfully finish full game, do not rush and make so long how it needs. I know what gamedeveloping is very laborious and long process, even for much ordinary games.
And successfully find good publisher, too.
Make what you like and what you want.

I also wish to participate in beta testing your game.
I like helping developers with whatever I can.


I finished the game and have a question:

You do know you posted this on, right? This game belongs somewhere else... and definitely not a flash-player games website.

No, but fr gg mate, love the game. I also really fell into the storyline and how it was made sorta backward (I dunno how to explain it, I also don't know how to words.) 

-Sky <3

p.s. whoever chose the soundtrack for this extraordinary concept, it sounds great and really fits.


Isn't flash, is Unity3D.

Thank You, Sky! :)

The author of the game music is Kuba Mazurek. You can listen to music here:


Well that was... stunning. Hyperlight Drifter vibes, metroid feel (albiet slow) and a seriously killer concept. Great freaking job.

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