DD_2 (tilemap from prince dimension)

DD_2 also Tilemap from prince dimension

  1.  Hello everyone! Some development updates from Filip this time. As most of you probably noticed Black Resin is heavily inspired by the original Prince Of Persia and its isometric level perspective. It looks cool but generates some issues regarding level creation like collision geometry or sprites layering. 

  2.  In the prototype, every part of the level was created by hand which was, frankly, quite tedious and was introducing a lot of hidden bugs. We wanted to automate this process as much as possible, so we can easily modify existing levels and iterate over each level without much hassle. 

  3. Initially, we tried to use LDtk Editor created by #deepnight. It’s great tool but unfortunately we had problems to apply it to few of our specific needs and we found out that it was easier for us to make our own tooling inside Unity. (sorry!) First of all, as shown on the image below, our building blocks are rectangular and simple single platform is built, in fact, from 4 separate tiles. We created ruling system that allows us to draw platforms using single brush.

  4.  Each sprite has defined custom collision shape so it reflects the shape of isometric platform. Thanks to Composite Collider inside Unity tile colliders are joint together. (the green lines below represent collision shape)

  5.  Some of the sprites have to cover characters in game, but due to convenience we didn’t want to make separate layers for tiles that are behind and in front of objects in game. We solved it by adding sprite masks to tiles that are logically in front of the perspective. So if character or object intersects with mask that part of it will not be visible to the viewer.

  6. So briefly these are the main features we wanted to have and hopefully they will make our lives easier during the development process. Something that it’s still missing is the blockout beautifying part. We want to seamlessly convert these gray building blocks into target tileset. For now it’s enough to build levels on which we can test character movement and AI behaviours. Hopefully I didn’t bore you too much with technical details. Stay tuned for further updates!

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I've been floored the whole time I've thought about this, since reading it, about twenty minutes after it was posted. I have questions but don't know where to start.

Thansk! If you come up with any questions, feel free to ask :)

Very cool =)  Do your tools use the Unity Tilemap/Rule Tile system at all, or is this completely from scratch?


It uses Unity Tilemap but we wrote our own rule system for tiles.