stream with interview today


It looks like there will be a stream of the good old Black Resin prototype... with an interview with me! 

It will be talk about prototype and future.

When exactly, will it be live? 

Today at 7pm Central European time live, so for example in Eastern America it will be 2pm approximately. 

The video will hang for 2 weeks so you can watch my face after dinner also. 


Here, at my friend's campfire: 


Get Black Resin


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You have my thanks and further credit for your response.

I would like to know another thing. When you say the video will "hang for two weeks", does that mean it will be deleted after two weeks? I would like to know if I'm on a time limit to watch/record it.


Unfortunately, yes Ryan. The whole idea of Twitch is that the videos are live and then they disappear, maybe two weeks max. I'll ask Earrelevant if he has a copy of the video and if he wants to cut it into something shorter. ;)

I would strongly welcome it. One longer version on record for archiving purposes and future video content (source of video/audio that can be grafted together for trailers and such); and then one compilation of your answers - and maybe some of 'Earrelevant's' own monologues, he seems a fun fellow and I liked his reminiscing and comparisons and observations - for public release - for us little folk who want to know the good bits but have yet to develop the patience for a duo of hours.

I began to watch the interview, up to about the first twenty minutes or so. It is noteworthy to see what the project head himself looks like.

It stands out that you're a man of few words. Considering the playthrough is over the course of two hours I can understand this; I prefer to not speak if I can help it, and it is good in a case like this to space words out enough that your followers do not need to filter through much dialogue to find statements they're after.

That being said, if an opportunity for a future interview comes up, across less time and with more to report, please consider sharing a little more with us in the way of word density.


In the later part of the stream, I talk a lot more and answer questions from the chat. I needed some time to get used to the situation. Sorry.

Yes, I realize that the quality and organization is not the best. My friend is just starting his streaming career and I'm not very media-savvy myself. Please take this as a practice for future more professional conversations. :)