New demo in plans

As promised modest DevDiary.

1. Publishers?

We don't have a publisher yet, but we've talked to a few. Most are delaying any decision. For us, it's a clear sign that our game isn't viral enough. We are a group of people doing strictly content, things like team management, public relations and even social media are completely alien to us. It's strange, but that's the way we are, unfortunately. :P Coming back to the topic of publishers... Hardly anyone will buy the idea for a game if it's not "sold" in the form of social media interest etc. - They would have to be really interested in the game, estimate its potential and take the risk. ;) There is one publisher who grabbed my heart a little bit because he understood right away what this game is supposed to be and how unique it is - it's Ysbryd Games. So we want to keep in touch with them anyway, because they are simply kind to us and want to help.

We aim high - and I think it's within our reach! But we have to work hard for it. 

2. So what now?

We have made a simple decision, no matter what - we have to keep working on the game after hours. It's going slowly. We are building the foundation of the game from scratch. Currently:

- We are testing different control ideas 

- We have set new game proportions to get the pixel perfect effect on different screens. 3.

- We have established the storyline of the game.

3. Indie talk

We have talked to a few cool developers (game creators e.g. Carrion, Lichtspeer, FrostPunk) who have given us valuable feedbacks - not only developer ones, but also business ones - from promotion and reaching people to legal issues you have to watch out for when signing contracts with publishers.

What coincides with all the feedback is that our game has a great potential - a potential that we need to show better because the " prototype" has too clumsy controls and the game doesn't really have a hook. ;)

4. Prototype on

The game prototype you played - this is just a sketch of what's to come in the full version. The prototype is already so much improved and playable that it makes no sense to work on it further. Any changes in the prototype caused errors in other places because the code was written spontaneously. 

5. Vertical Slice (new demo!)

With feedback from many people and gamedevs, we now know what we want to do. We will be building the game from scratch and then releasing a new DEMO (or more specifically: vertical slice). This will be (as the name suggests) a slice of the game. Perhaps we will release it together with the Kickstarter campaign? Perhaps we will release it on Steam? I think the "new demo" will help convince publishers or our developer friends (to pitch us to publishers).

When will it be? We don't know... But I'll let you know how our work goes!





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Hello. Ryan here.

I am impressed by this. I hope you don't mind if I already sent some feedback by e-mail.


You guys are doing some fantastic work! Keep it up and good luck!

yeah true