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I'm looking forward to a full game release.  I would definitely pay for this. :)

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I love the game design

Thank you! Im also a design lover :)


Wow!! THis is the most amazing platformer game I’ve ever played!!

The storyline and concept are very creative. One glitch is that enemies still make sound when they are dead.

This is properly excellent. Like a cross of Abe's Oddysee with the art style of Hyper Light Drifter. It's rare I come across a game on here I'll play a second time but this is in the list. Well done!

Thank you very much! :)

Happy Halloween everyone!

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this is one of the best things on this website

Hello, Pies Dariusz. This is Ryan. The same guy who e-mailed you with that "Edgar Allen Poe styled horror, not 80's movie horror!" rant. Also that thing about the enemy outfit simplicity.


To the point: I am interested in all public promo art for Black Resin so far. I have the one picture included in the newest uploaded journal entry; the one offering updates closer together. However I'm realizing that is the only official art of Black Resin that I have outside of what is in the game itself.

I would like to know two things. First off, where can I download a copy of the impressive pixel-art background for Black Resin? This picture is formidably intense! I would like to have a copy for my own collection.

Secondly, I suppose not so much a question as a request: Please consider dropping such pictures now and again in the future. These two pictures are the only ones I know of outside of the game itself that portray the world and premise, and they're both formidable.


Hey Ryan!

You can find Black Resin graphics on my artstation, instagram and especially on our Discord - that's where our community gets the latest sneak-peaks, art and development details. :) 

I'll post the old graphics and backgrounds there soon too, thanks for the heads up Ryan.

I will continue uploading DD to and will try to include some graphics to enrich the content. Probably we will make a small press-pack with logos and graphics.

You have my thanks. I eagerly look forward to them.

I am choosing to leave away Discord. For many other projects I like that use Discord this has precluded my intimacy and has made me not want to try, but this time I'm afraid that you won't be rid of me so easily. Even if I won't use Discord I'll be nagging you quite often. For pictures and otherwise.

I found a bug where if you change tabs and then go back it won't let you possess characters and it also won't let you pull levers it's probably because it shows my mouse still after pressing a key.

Hey! Long time no see! We are currently working on a new version of Black Resin. I think we will make an announcement soon what's up. :)



This is great. I got really mad trying to finish it but eventually I did, hehe. 10/10

It looks like we over-inspired the old games and as a result the end is wicked hard too, forgive us! :)

some reason every time I die for the first time after not playing 1 hour my game crashes and I have to either exit out of the game or reload the page

and thn i hav to rstart

Very strange. Did I understand correctly: you left the game for an hour and after that time when you die the game crashes?


and now when ever I die the game crashes no matter how long I been gone or not.

Perhaps it's a browser issue? Have you tried playing the downloadable version?


i just finnished the game and woah i LOVE IT


love everything except stage 3 


Very nice Game. Gives me an old school feeling like Prince of Persia except then with a sci fi feel to the game. Would definitly buy a game like this.


I liked it! 

the puzzles and mechanics are pretty good

I know you will be rebuilding the game to fix some stuff like the explosive traps' hitboxes, but will you be expanding on the game?

Thank you I loved it.


This is a very promising game. You especially did a great job when designing puzzles and giving clues without saying too much!

The controls could be a little smoother but that’s already much better than many platformers imho.

My main issue is with hit boxes (especially explosive traps) which are very hard to predict in many situations. This tends to create a quite bad feeling of lack of precision and “unfairness”.

Yes, we agree. That's why we're going to rebuild the game from scratch keeping the best and knocking out what sucks. ;)


You’re on my watchlist :) Can’t wait to see more!


I had a really fun time featuring this game on stream. The mechanics are completely unique from anything I've played before and the animation and artwork are really engaging. It makes me curious about the lore and I want to know more about the world. Great game, thank you so much for making!

Many thanks for playing! You were so very close to the end! :P Ah, and sorry about the jump scare. ;)


ah dang! I wish I wouldn’t have run out of time then. Also it’s okay—every game seems to have them but they still get to me D:


LOVED this, thank you so much!! Everything about this was great - the story line, the graphics, the possession mechanic, and the gameplay. I had a lot of fun playing this :)

\ (•◡•) /


Mógłbym spytać, czy ta gra była może w jakiś sposób inspirowana pierszwymi dwoma grami z serii Oddworld? Widzę parę podobieństw :D

Haha, oczywiście. To żadna tajemnica. Oddysee i Exoddus to bardzo ważne pozycje w mojej bibliotece. Jak się tak zastanowić, to BR powstał głownie z braku gier z takim systemem zagadek.


The art and animations are great but the platforming controls are very unprecise. Overall, it is a good game :)


oh man this was so good! I really dig the art style. overall a really great game


I like how the grey enemies feet clutch before being flat on the ground lol. This was an incredible game and extremely detailed. The art and aesthetic flawless. The platforming and crawling through tunnels was fun. The adrenaline of trying to be seen and take over others. This game reminded me of 1991 Out of this world with the enemies guns and platform. All together i really liked this game and the main protagonist. She had alot of expression. The backstory was told well visually and was really dope. :) 10/10


Well, it is a nice game with really awsome style. Was very fun to play.


Great art and really fun metroidvania like gameplay, i like being able to move through vents and grates.


Keep up the great art and game. 

Just don't polish the arts if anyone recommends so and make a few more levels. This game rocks!


I love how the story is told in the background, art and style. The character looks like a petrol predator. The puzzles, stealth and possession mechanics are pretty cool, too. Reminds me of carrion! - I just hd a little difficulty getting used to the jumping; the physics feel a little stiff? rigid? not sure what the right word, but eventually one can get used to it. But some adjustments there could help the players stay in flow. Hope you get published! I would love to see a FULL game of this.

Hi, I've made a video about the game :D and I wanted to share some feedback about it :) hopefully it is useful to you.

-The visual style is quite impresive and very well done as it feels very solid/fits perfectly with the game.

-From what I've seen the background story and everything around the game seems pretty interesting.

-The gameplay mechanics are pretty well thought, fun and very polished.I've only found some small spikes in the difficulty of the game, but that maybe was just purely my fault.

In conclusion, the idea is great and I hope you keep working on it. Hopefully this is useful for the development :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Great game and interesting story! :D Also, they have interesting weapons as well (such as the laser gun being on the shark fin enemies' side and the bombs on the alien-like enemies' side). I wonder who the protagonist is and why they came out of the swamp, haha. Also, I wonder what the dark substance they're fighting for is? Maybe what the protagonist is made out of? Hmm... :D

I can no longer possess things for some reason? The possession animation begins, but then I immediately get booted out of the thing I'm trying to possess. The enemy then becomes dizzy.

Sounds like you are holding the "use" button when taking control on an opponent.

To take over an enemy, simply walk into it or jump into it when it is unalarmed. Do not press the "use" button as this is how you get out of a possesed enemy.

Oh, ok, thanks!


Guau!! Its a amazing game, I love it!!!


I finally beat the game. It was really awesome, and I'm excited to see the prototype become refined. It was a lot of fun trying to get around the map and solve puzzles, and the wall clues were genius.


The previous wall of text didn't need to be. Please allow me to rephrase:

Please consider:

1. Releasing soundtrack; and

2. Adding credits option to main menu.

(1 edit) (+1)

I wanna try rephrase too:

1. listen music:

  watch my art:

  talk with us: 

2. We consider.


Hello, Dev Team. I have a new request.

Kuba Mazurek has designed a very engaging soundscape. That could merit its whole document of praise; what I ask after now is the music.

I would like to listen to the music in my own time, including via MP3 player at work. Please consider making the current soundtrack publicly available, with accredited artist, album, track names, etc.


This has also reminded me: I think anyone who tries Black Resin out should be able to take a look at the minds and hands behind the game.

I'd like to request considering adding a 'credits' option to the main/startup menu.


Text length is not a problem, I read every message here. Sometimes it is difficult for me to reply at once.

It is a good idea, we will try to add something in the next patch. We are quite shy people so we don't think in categories of promotion too much....

I invite you to Kuba's soundcloud:

I have recently created an artstation:

Everyone interested in the game and willing to discuss is welcome: 
We are all a little less shy there. :)


Made a video


Cool! Thank you very much guys. :D

Hey, I wasn't going to bother posting my second half of this here but I actually got the no-jump bug around 9 minutes in just in case you're curious. Sadly I don't think the video gives any hint of what actually went wrong code wise, I just respawned after dying and then couldn't jump until I respawned again. Still an awesome game regardless, hope to see more of this in the future! :)


Thanks! :) We have already taken care of this bug. In version 0.1.12 the "no-jumping" will be fixed.

I can't figure out what the select button is. Can't enter the controls menu because I have to select it.

For what it's worth, on my computer the select button in the menu is simply 'Enter'.

In gameplay, the 'E' button serves to interact with terminals, and another purpose as well.


Thanks! That worked.


me and my brother played this, it's so good.

You should make these kinds of games :)

Thank you, I agree. :p


Solid prototype, really good work so far. Definitely looking forward to more. :) 

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